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Introducing Galion Community Hospital's Digital Mammography System

facts about digital mammography Galion Community Hospital has enhanced their womenas health services with the purchase and installation of a digital mammography system at
the Mammography Center. Although comparable to conventional film mammography, digital testing has proven benefits in breast cancer screening for women: shorter exam times, lower doses of radiation, faster image acquisition, image alteration capabilities by physicians, and improved contrast between dense and non-dense breast tissue.

While conventional mammography systems create pictures on x-ray films, digital mammography systems use computers and digital images providing greater benefits for patients and physicians. Unlike film images, digital images can be altered in areas such as magnification, brightness and contrast to help physicians clearly see certain images. Because these digital images can be manipulated in clarity, the probabilities for repeat mammograms are decreased.

Women can also benefit from digital mammograms because of shorter exam times and lower doses of radiation. Exam times are often shorter because the x-ray images are readily available within a minute after the data is captured and there is no film to develop. Although radiation doses in film mammography are extremely low and safe, radiation doses used in digital mammograms can be reduced considerably and still detect breast cancer as well as conventional film methods.

Perhaps one of the most beneficial factors of digital mammography is for women who have dense, or non-fat breast tissue. Fatty tissue appears very dark on mammograms and dense tissue appears as solid white. Unfortunately, tumors also appear white, making them hard to
detect because they look like the dense tissue that surrounds them. Digital mammography, however, is able to see the clarity and contrast between dense breast tissue and breast tumors.

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